About us


At N.A. Nissen Spedition & Transport ApS we believe it to be very important that all of our staff are capable with all manner of shipments. This means that we make communication a priority to ensure that the team is able to assist our clients.

N. A. Nissen Spedition & Transport ApS was established in 1974 by Niels Andersen Nissen. The next generation, our current President and founder Klaus Nissen, assumed control of the company in 1992. Our vision is to make all international freight forwarding easy, manageable and smooth, so our customers can safely get their goods transported to and from countries all around the world. We always find the best freight forwarding solutions for you, whether or not you are looking for the fastest or the cheapest solution. To be able to do this, we have, for more than 48 years, established an extensive network of agents everywhere in the world, which enables us to offer all types of freight forwarding services, including sea freight, air freight, road services, courier services and live animal transportation. Therefore, many of our customers have been with us since the beginning.

At. N. A. Nissen all you need to do is call one number to get answers to any questions, without being transferred to another employee. We strive to provide efficient and easy service for all customers. Therefore, it is important to us that all our employees can help with all types of freight forwarding and documents. You are always welcome to call os on +45 32 52 32 58.