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Why choose us for your air freight forwarding services?

At N. A. Nissen we specialize in finding the best air freight forwarding solutions for our customers and for transportation of any cargo to any destination worldwide. Our air freight solution can be used for freight forwarding of any cargo, of all shapes and sizes, including live animal transportation. Since 1974 we have established a massive network of carefully selected agents, all around the world, who all ensure that our air freight services meet your needs. Together we make air freight forwarding easy for you.

Read more about the advantages of air freight forwarding below and please, contact us for more information about our services.

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Advantages of air freight services

When using N. A. Nissen for your air freight forwarding services, we will leverage our global network of agents to find the best solutions for you. Our network also makes it possible for us to monitor our air freight services real time, so we can ensure that all your goods are delivered on time and in perfect condition.


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Why choose air freight? What is the advantage of air freight? How will my air freight cargo be managed?

Regardless of the size, amount and type of cargo, N. A. Nissen Spedition & Transport will manage your cargo from start to finish. We are experts in air freight and always aim to find solutions that meet you and your company’s needs.

As an independent air freight forwarding company, we can customize our air freight services and find a solution, which suits you, regardless the destination and time. Our long-standing partnerships with carefully selected international agents, have been established since we were founded in 1974. These strong, trustworthy and loyal partnerships help us provide high security transportation of goods to and from Denmark.

When you entrust us, our air freight forwarding and transportation company, with your cargo, we consider it our responsibility to reciprocate your trust by delivering the cargo securely and on time.

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What do you get when choosing N. A. Nissen’s air freight services?

Advantages of sea freight:

  • Direct service
  • Express
  • Combining cargo / consolidation
  • Economy
  • All types of goods
  • All shapes and sizes

We focus on finding solutions that make it clear to you what you gain by using our air freight forwarding services to transport your goods or your animals.

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Extensive experience with air freight forwarding

At N. A. Nissen we have more than 24 years of experience in air freight forwarding, including animal air freight. We manage the entire process of transporting goods by air, and make sure to handle the cargo with care.

Our extensive experience with air freight cargo, ensures that customers have complete faith in us, when it comes to transportation of their goods. We follow a thoroughly tested air freight forwarding process, which ensures that your goods and animals will be transported under the best conditions, when being transported from A to B.

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International air freight rates

Our international air freight rates are fixed and, therefore, you will never experience sudden price increases. Furthermore, our world-wide partnerships ensure that we are able to provide secure and timely international air freight services for the best prices.


Denmark’s best animal air freight services

When carrying out international animal air freight, the animals will be checked continuously along the way. Of course, there will always be food and water available, and the ventilation will be adapted to the needs of the animals. Our air freight services include animal transport for Zoos as well as international pet transport for private customers. We transport all kinds of animals securely to their destination – both big and small.

Partners all around the world

At N. A. Nissen we have numerous partnerships with agents all around the world, who are experts in international animal transport. Our agents ensure that we will quickly receive permits from the customs authorities of various countries, so the air freight will be carried out as smoothly as possible. We also have thorough knowledge of the our customers’ needs, but we are also very flexible, so no type of cargo is too large, too heavy or too complicated for us. For us, animal welfare is essential, so we never compromise on the wellbeing of the animals.


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