At N. A. Nissen, we provide many different solutions for both national and international courier services and express delivery services. We always tailor the solution in collaboration with customers, taking into account the need for a swift delivery, as well as the various other challenges, such as the size and weight of the goods.

We are specialists in courier services. Our many years of experience in courier services ensure that your packages and goods are in good hands with us. Whether you need courier services for transportation to a Danish or international destination, we are happy to assist you. We are a versatile freight forwarder, which is why we can always provide favorable and flexible prices, and express delivery, so you will receive your package as quickly as possible. Of course, we will make sure that you receive your packages on time, and that your goods are in perfect condition upon arrival.

If you have any questions about our courier services, you are welcome to contact os on: +45 3252 3258, or send an e-mail.

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What are courier services?

Not everyone knows what courier services are. Generally, courier services are the same as parcel transport. However, we transport goods and parcels of all sizes, whereas postal services do not. Additionally, we distinguish between traditional courier services and express delivery. Are you in a rush, and need your package delivered with 24 hours, then we will ensure that the package arrives in perfect condition, as quickly as possible, and always within the agreed timeframe. At N. A. Nissen, our courier services are available for both private usage and businesses.

If you need to transport a package abroad, we also have a lot of partners in different parts of the world, who ensure that approvals from customs authorities are in order. Thereby the goods will arrive as efficiently as possible.

Efficient and attentive courier services – we take good care of your goods

Our drivers are always very careful, when loading and unloading packages and goods, and they also ensure that the trucks are never overloaded. They know exactly how to load the truck to avoid overloading it in the front, sides and rear. Overloading the front of the truck can put too much pressure on the wheels, overloading the sides can make it difficult to steer the truck, and overloading the rear can make the truck tilt too much, so the truck is steered on the rear wheels.

Therefore, our drivers always make sure that the goods are distributed evenly according to the weight of the goods, so heavy goods are placed in the middle. For particularly heavy goods both a crane and a tailgate are used to load and unload the goods. The goods are also securely fastened in the truck, so they do not slip, tip or move during transport.

At N. A. Nissen, all our drivers have a valid transport insurance, as well as a carrier liability insurance. The carrier liability insurance covers any damage to packages and goods during transport. In this way, your goods are insured if – against expectations – something should happen during load, unload and transport.

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