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Why choose us for your road freight services?

With our road freight services, you can transport goods of any shape and size, throughout Europe. Our road freight services include anything from groupage and express, to full truck load (FTL) and full container load (FCL). Since 1974 we have established an extensive network of partners throughout Europe, who ensure that we can provide a smooth delivery of goods in the everchanging European market. Regardless of the solution that you prefer, we will ensure that your goods are delivered in perfect condition to a destination of your choice.

Read more about the advantages of road freight forwarding and feel free to get in touch for more information about our road freight services.

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Advantages of road services

One of the main advantages of our road services is that you will benefit from our extensive network of agents, who help us provide smooth delivery of goods with road services throughout Europe. Additionally, we can monitor the entire process real-time, so there will be no surprises.


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Our road freight services include:

  • FCL (full container load)
  • FTL (full truck load)
  • LCL (less than container load)
  • General goods
  • Groupage transportation
  • Express
  • Economy
  • All kinds of goods
  • All shapes and sizes

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Road services by N. A. Nissen

At N. A. Nissen we provide road freight services throughout Europe. Our extensive experience in forward trucking services, enables us to carry out both door-to-door transport solutions and more complex logistical solutions. Our road freight services are available in Scandinavia, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Europe. We can transport all types of goods in all shapes and sizes. You are therefore guaranteed a flexible and efficient road freight service in all of Europe.

Our forward trucking services for general goods and groupage Our many forward trucking services include transportation of general goods and groupage throughout Europe. General goods refers to all items that weigh more than 20 kg and which should be managed manually. We delivery both grouped and single items, which can all be delivered express. With express delivery, we will ensure to meet all year needs, so the item(s) is delivered as efficiently as possible. We will always ensure that your goods are delivered on time.

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FTL and FCL road freight

At N. A. Nissen we offer FTL – full truck load – which refers to a delivery corresponding to a full truck load. This is the most optimal form of transportation, because it reduces the time spend offloading and reloading goods along the way. Additionally we offer FCL delivery, which is carried out with sea freight.

No matter which solution you prefer, we will ensure that your goods are delivered in perfect condition to the destination of your choice. The European market is dynamic and therefore changes frequently occur, which might affect road freight services. However, our extensive network of partners and agents all around Europe, can ensure a smooth delivery of your goods – also to European countries outside of Schengen.

You are always welcome to request a free inquiry for road freight services in Europe. We always offer the best road freight services on the market! Please get in touch by giving us a call on: +45 32 52 32 58.

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