N.A. Nissen has more than 24 years of experience in animal transport. Our know-how in this field means that there will be no surprises. We offer our services to both private individuals as well as businesses. Our longstanding experience means that we can easily advise customers on the different regulations and requirements needed for live animal transport.

Our services include:

  • As short and direct transport as possible
  • Transparency
  • Transport within your budget
  • We do what is best for the animal

Pet transport

Travelling with pets doesn’t have to be difficult. At N.A. Nissen we are specialized in transporting animals by plane, but we also offer transport by ship as well as cars. With our many years of experience we know which transportation method is best depending on the destination. When you choose pet transport by N. A. Nissen, you don’t need to worry about a thing. We’ll make sure your animal arrives safely at your desired destination without it costing you a fortune afterward. We follow a carefully thought-out plan that has been thoroughly tested, so we can ensure the most comfortable and safe trip for your pet. We compile a detailed transport overview with every pet transport. This entails every necessary tasks that may need to be taken care of during the transport. In some cases there are also special rules and regulation for pet transport. We make sure that our transport is in compliance with all rules and regulations both in general and with pet travel over 8 hours. So you can safely choose our pet transport services.

How to travel with a dog

If you are questioning how to travel with a dog, then let us help you. Dog transport is not that difficult, once you know your options. If you need to bring your dog with you on vacation to another country or back home from one country, then you have several dog transport options. We offer multiple overseas pet transport options, so we can ensure the shortest and most direct trip as possible. When choosing the transportation method, we always have your budget in mind, so there are no surprises afterward. We can transport your dog by dog airplane or by ship or car depending on which is shortest.

Overseas horse transport

Are you participating in an international competition, such as the Olympics, and need your horse transported for the competition? And maybe you’re wondering how to transport a horse overseas? Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about your horse transport. With our services we’ll help with everything in order to transport your horse. We’ll make sure that your horse is safely transported to your destination in order for you to compete in the Olympics or any other competition you might participate in. We use horse transport such as horse airplane, ships and cars. We’ll use whichever transportation method is the shortest and most direct. This way we ensure that we use the transportation method that is best for your horse as well as you budget.
We have experience with transporting zoo animals as well as regular pets, so you don’t need to worry about a thing. We are also specialized in transporting animals by plane, so having your horse on a plane is not a problem.
Whether you’re competing with a horse, dog or any other type of animal we’ll make sure to transport the animal safely to any destination required. Do you need more information about our transport services or maybe about the process, you’re more than welcome to contact us. We’ll answer any questions you might have.

Cat travel

Are you moving to another country and need to bring your cat with you? Then use our cat flight as transportation. We’ll make sure that your cat will join you in the next chapter of your life. We understand that your cat is precious to you and a part of your family, so we’ll take good care of it. Our focus is on your cat’s safety as well as animal welfare in general. It’s our top priority to ensure that your cat will feel as comfortable as possible. As with our other pet transportation, we’ll make sure to transport your cat safely to any destination you require. Whether you’re moving or going on vacation we’ll make sure your cat is coming with you.

How much does pet transport services cost?

There is no exact price list for pet transport, but we can always give you an estimate of the costs. We’ll gladly write a non-binding agreement for you, so you have something to go over before deciding. But you can be sure that once we’ve set a price for you it won’t change. If you have any further questions about overseas pet transport or pricing you are more than welcome to call us at +45 3252 3258 or email us at booking@nanissen.dk, then we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.