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At the international freight forwarder N. A. Nissen we seek out comprehensive solutions. To provide secure and timely sea freight all around the world, we collaborate with an extensive network of agents. This ensures that we can quickly manage customs and other administrative tasks.

Our sea freight services include:

  • FCL – full container load
  • LCL – less than container load
  • Express
  • Economy
  • All types of goods
  • All shapes and sizes

Why choose to export and import with sea freight?

When you need to transport goods from Denmark to another country and vice versa, sea freight is an ideal choice. At N. A. Nissen we have worked with sea freight since 1974 because there are many advantages of this type of transportation.

Advantages of sea freight:

  • Sea freight is often cheaper than air freight
  • Sea freight is often more environmentally friendly than air freight
  • All goods can be transported by sea freight, regardless of the shape and size of the goods.
  • Sea freight is a good solution if is fine that it may take a bit of time to transport your goods from one place to another.

Sea freight prices

We always offer fixed prices for sea freight, so our customers can be sure that there will not be any unexpected expenses. Complete our “contact us” webform to receive an offer. You are also always welcome to contact us by phone: +45 32 52 32 58.

Sea freight since 1974

N. A. Nissen was founded in 1974, and ever since, we have managed worldwide sea freight for small and medium sized companies that need freight forwarding services to and from Denmark. Our customers value us for our advice, secure management of their goods and efficient administrative management of all documents required for international shipments. We are proud to say that many of our customers have been with us from the beginning. Our partnerships are built on trust, which we have strengthened through many years of close collaboration with our customers and our agents abroad.

We understand that your needs may often change, for example if the production in China is delayed by a malfunction in a factory. When such unforeseen issues arrize, it must be easy to change your transportation method and schedule. By choosing a flexible freight forwarding company like N. A. Nissen, you will get a flexible partner, who focuses on building long-term solutions and partnerships. We are always updated on the current situation in markets all around the world, so we can always optimize our solutions. With us, you will always receive the best solutions for sea freight.

Sea freight – a long-term and sustainable freight forwarding solution

At N. A. Nissen we have a large network of partners. With several departures every week, from some of the world’s largest international harbours, your goods will arrive safely and securely, for example as a FCL shipment. FCL is short for “full container load”. For FCL shipments we offer both door to door and harbour to harbour delivery. We also offer LCL, “less than container load,” where the container will be managed by our own network. Our agents and partnerships will take good care of your goods and ensure that it arrives on time. Additionally, we offer very competitive prices and ensure to satisfy both the small and the big needs of our customers.

Sea freight is a relatively, environmentally friendly freight forwarding method. We strive to only collaborate with companies that deliver sustainable sea freight services. For us, this is common sense. We consider it our responsibility to take care of the environment and the ocean that surrounds us.

It is equally important to us that our solutions are flexible, because each market is dynamic and continuously changing. Sea freight between continents can be a complex task, with multiple obstacles along the way. With our many agents and partnerships around the world, we can ensure that our sea freight services are carried out as smoothly as possible. And as mentioned, we can get various signed customs documents in no time, so you will not have to worry about the administrative tasks of carrying our sea freight.

For sea freight forwarding we use only high quality containers. The capacity and individual measurements of each container may vary because there are many different types of containers for sea freigh

Sea freight to USA, Greenland or China? We offer sea freight services all around the world

At N. A. Nissen we collaborate with sea freight agents all around the world, so we can offer the best prices and conditions for your goods. We can manage everything for you and offer sea freight services to any country.

Are you looking for a freight forwarding company that offers sea freight to USA, sea freight to Greenland, sea freight for China or an entirely different country? At N. A. Nissen we can provide secure and timely sea freight solutions for competitive prices.